The History of Karaoke

The fame of karaoke all over the world is phenomenal but its origin has never been uttered. Nowadays, karaoke bars are becoming more popular in various countries. As a matter of fact, most restaurants offer machines with songs in different languages for free. Nevertheless, the mere thought of going to karaoke bars often raise some eyebrows. On the other hand, those who complained but gave it a chance, it has been hard for them to withdraw themselves from the fun it gives.

Where does this well-known form of entertainment really come from? Although the exact story of the emergence of it is vague, we can still track its etymology. The word ‘karaoke’ comes from ‘kara’, empty (short for karappo) and ‘oke’ (short for okesutora), orchestra. As known, karaoke tracks only have music accompaniment. The vocals are provided by a “singer”, amateur or not, who holds a microphone and sings while following the words displayed on a screen or in a book.

With the evolution of technology, karaoke has been brought to every home. Its first real technological advancement is the development of home sets that allows you to sing at anytime. There were also karaoke tapes that have been made available to the public. Then, the birth of compact disc made it even exciting as it offers hundreds of songs in just one disc. These music paraphernalia comes with a lyric book 수원셔츠룸 and can be played with or without vocals.

Going back to its roots, the congestion of Japanese neighborhood have become a major problem in setting up karaoke sets. With houses built closely to one another, many complained about too much sound coming from other houses. And so, entrepreneurs took advantage of this issue and created the soundproof karaoke boxes. The box is a converted freight car with closed-door insulated rooms and soundproof. This is marketed as a venue where one can sing so loudly without creating inconvenience to other people. The first karaoke box was developed in 1984 in a rice field in the countryside of Okayama Prefecture. Sooner, Karaoke Boxes became popular and were put up in open spaces in both rural and urban areas.

Time flies and we’re now embracing the continuous development of portable Karaoke Microphones. This sound device has a built-in program and a chip that houses thousands of songs. And because it is portable, playing it anywhere you want is possible as long as there is a television