Girls and Bodybuilding

THERE are one thousand and one reasons why we,Girls and Bodybuilding Articles men should seriously consider bodybuilding, but for the meantime, let us just name some.

The first thing that comes into our minds when we hear Bodybuilding is the muscles. Another perhaps is the V-shaped body of a man on his jockeys. Not to be left out are the girls. Yes the GIRLS.

There are so many reasons why bodybuilding came about. One is fitness. Bodybuilding does not only promote fitness, it also enhances human body into something that is generally considered as “sexy”.

Browsing the net, you’d find a long list of articles as to the reasons why men go into bodybuilding. Health, fitness, fun, socializing, personal development, physical improvement and girls are among the many other reasons why men would want to go to bodybuilding.

Improving Confidence

Bodybuilding largely contributes to the development of one’s physiological body into something that is much like of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno. There is however one significant contribution that this discipline (although it is not yet generally accepted as a sports discipline) has given people who are into it — self confidence.

Admittedly, the issue of developing self confidence has been dropped, whether intentionally or inadvertently, from the roster of the advantages of going into bodybuilding.

Imagine walking tall along the hallway filled with people, who once knew you as a skinny fellow back in high school. With a toned body, walking in the presence of a crowd makes one feel good and look good. That alone boosts confidence. Gone are the days of the skinny fellow, who’d opt to use the backdoor because he would not want to be seen indifferently.

Changing your life

From being someone who would get no special attention from people around, you could become a neck breaker — or someone who’d be oozing with personality. With beautiful muscles now forming your body, you would no longer hear things you’d rather forget. Everything seemed fine now. The atmosphere has changed. So is your life.

With an overflowing confidence, one can now go Six Star Testosterone Booster Review wherever he’d wish to, do whatever pleases him or try something which sounds more of another crack to a better life. From being an outcast, one could be somebody that many would want to be with, especially girls.

Girls on top

Girls took the top spot as to why men go into bodybuilding. For one, most girls would want to be with strong and muscular guys. The reputation of musclemen goes beyond physicality. They tend to portray someone who can actually be a savior of sorts, especially in times of troubles. To them, muscleman is a step closer to being a Superman.

Sign of aging

On top of girls, men go into bodybuilding to avoid being out of shape. More often that not, men get to go “out of shape” at the age of 30. Bellies appear and go bigger if “unattended to”. Aside from the discomfort, it also somehow affects one’s physical appearance, thus adversely taking toll on men’s confidence.

The discomfort that bellies bring keeps us from doing some other things. Men with bulging bellies could not even reach his toes while standing. He could also hardly see his knees while standing. Picking up something he dropped on the floor would also be a difficult one with an excess baggage in his mid-section.