Fat Burning Foods To Help You Get A Six Pack

Fat burning foods are those foods that enhance your metabolic activity. Some of them have a high thermogenic effect, which allows you to literally burn calories as you chew. Others may include components or ingredients that put your metabolism on fire. You need to know what to consume, when to consume and how to combine these foods with the workouts suggested by a personal trainer.

Whole grains

Everyone knows that whole grains are fat burning foods – they help you burn twice as many calories when compared to processed foods. Whole grains can not be found in a natural state in all countries. If the geography of the land is not proper for growing rice, for example, and if the people do not create the best conditions for growing that rice, those living in that area will end up importing it. And, unfortunately, basically no company exports packaged grains without adding specific ingredients, which are supposed to preserve them.

In this case, instead of eating rice, you can eat millet, for example, or something else from the next list. Among the most popular whole grains, we can mention: flaxseed, millet, bulgur, brown rice, barley, amaranth, quinoa, rye, wheat berries, wild rice and spelt.


Protein is good due to the thermogenic effect it has; with the appropriate amount of proteins, you can burn about 30% of the calories consumed earlier that day. A good example in this case is burning 90 calories after eating a 300-calorie chicken breast. Speaking of chicken, another good method for burning fat is to eat lean meats. We have mentioned chicken breast, and for a good reason; this is the #1 lean protein source available, providing about 8 g of protein per oz. The next one is lean beef, which is also a good source of Vitamin B and iron. Eggs, fish, seafood, dairy, protein powder, all of them are good for individuals that have weight problems.


Lentils are rich in iron and offer HoneyBurn you about 35% of your daily iron needs. If you want to lose weight, these fat burning foods are great, because they accelerate the metabolism processes as well, besides providing you with the required amount of iron your body needs.

Green tea

Green tea is used in many weight loss diets, and for good reason. However, it is not recommended to drink a lot of tea, if you have a heart condition. This is true not only for green tea, but for all teas.

A recent research has shown that, by drinking 4 cu