10 Trending Bella Hair Extensions at an Affordable Price

However,10 Trending Bella Hair Extensions at an Affordable Price Articles there are many who do not want to subject their natural hair to the harshness of chemicals that are a prerequisite to hair color changes. Some people want thicker hair, and others just feel that they are not willing to commit to just one style for a long time. This is especially true if the hairstyle has a lot of layers in or has pastel colors… Some people want the option of just shedding the hairstyle at the end of the day. This is where hair extensions come in.


Hair extensions are a beloved investment for many, especially those who are looking for a longer and thicker mane. However, nowadays, even those with thick hair are opting for hair extensions because of all the versatility they provide. You don’t have to be restricted to a hairstyle for too long, so even if you are going for something sleek and edgy, you can come back to a more subtle and classic look at the end of the day.


But coming across high-quality hair extensions is no easy thing.


There are a couple of brands that sell high-quality hair extensions that will last you longer and give you a natural hair look, however, they don’t come cheap. The prices can be daunting, and for something that is purchased often, hair extensions might start to seem like an expensive investment. Thankfully, we have Sandy Bella hair extensions to save the day.


These high-quality Remy human hair extensions are excellent at absorbing various hair colors and styles, and they will last you at least a year. But that is not just it, SandyBella hair extensions come at a reasonable price which makes them an easy buy. Here are some of our favorites:


#1 Natural Black 20″ Clip-in (160 Grams)

Jet black is so in these days, especially during the winters. They are thick from top to bottom, have seven extension pieces, and will last you an entire year.


#2 Medium Ash Brown 20″ Clip-in (160 Grams)

If you are looking to add thickness to your gorgeous brunette locks then look no further than our #2 Medium Ash Brown 20″ Clip-in (160 Grams). These are clip-in which means you will not have to struggle too much with them either.


#4 Light Ash Brown 20″ Clip-in (160 Grams)

2021 can finally be the year you try out natural highlights. Sure, colors like blonde, caramel, and red are great, but natural highlights with subtle changes are excellent at bringing out the warmth within your skin tones.


#30 Reddish Blonde 20″ Clip-in (160 Grams)

Reddish blonde hair has its own charm. If you want to mix it up or see what it would feel like to have some reddish hues in your blonde locks then experiment with our extensions. They are Remy’s hair, so they will look completely natural.


#60 Pure Blonde 20″ Clip-in (160 Grams)

The winters are a perfect excuse to go icy blonde. It is a bold step, and so you can take the icy plunge this winter to really challenge yourself. However, with extensions you know you will not need to subject your hair to too many chemicals.


#P8/613 Highlights 20″ Clip-in (160 Grams)

If you have blonde hair and you want to experiment with highlights then #P8/613 Highlights 20″ Clip-in (160 Grams) are the option for you.


#T1b /27 Ombre 20″ Clip-in (160 Grams)

A brunette to blonde ombre is a classic look. They are a safe choice when you want to switch up your hairstyle a little bit. They come with seven pieces of extensions and are made from Remy human hair, giving you a natural flowy look.


#60 Pure Blonde 20” Tape-in (50 Grams)

Tape-ins are great for those who don’t want to  hairstyles for thick hair men subject their hair to heat or chemicals. Plus a pure blonde hair color is a go-to for many of us wanting to go lighter.


#4 Light Brown 20” Tape-in (50 Grams)

Brown is such a classic color and suits almost everyone. If you are a blonde or a redhead but do not want to go through a massive color change then try out our


#4 Light Brown 20” Tape-in (50 Grams).

You can also add them as streaks or highlights


#4 Light Ash Brown I-Tip 20″ (50 grams)

This light brown hair color will have to reminisce the warm summer days. The Remy hair extensions will add to your locks and give them a fuller and healthier look.